Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yanks try and trick those with who support them the most, Season Ticket Holders

Thursday morning I was going through my e-mail when I noticed one from the Yankees about a pre-sale. As a season or partial season ticket holder you get pre-sales to almost every even that is hosted at Yankee Stadium. Although I am not a big college football fan, I have been waiting for them to announce when the pre-sale would be for the Notre Dame vs Army game. So in the e-mail Thursday it says that the pre-sale would be that morning , but it came with a catch. You would have to buy tickets to the Pinstripe Bowl, which is having a hard time selling out and you had to buy one Yankees game along with the ND- Army tickets.

Well I understand that the Pinstripe Bowl has not been a big draw since tickets have gone on sale to the public, so I understand that they are trying to bundle that game in with the Notre Dame game since the ND game is going to have much more demand. What bothers me more is that you must buy a Yankees game. First off I don't want to buy any more games if I am already a plan holder (you could not purchase tickets vs Red Sox or Rays) and the way they worded it in the e-mail. In the e-mail it said " As a special bonus, each football package will also include tickets for a 2010 Yankees home game of your choice."  So at first when i read that i though the Yankees were going to throw in free Yankees tickets, but then realized the Yanks would never do such a thing ! They were forcing you to buy tickets to THREE events !

I was still thinking of purchasing tickets if I was able to keep the costs to a minimum, but when I finally was able to get onto the event page, the only Yankees tickets that were coming up were field level seats and legends seats. The lowest price per seat for the Yankees that I was able to pull up was $ 275. Right away I gave up and realized that this was all a plan by the Yanks to sell expensive tickets.I guess it was naive of myself to ever think that the Yankees would have any affordable tickets available.

I contacted my ticket representative and asked if in the future another pre-sale will take place. Of course she got back to me with a generic answer explaining that if their is going to be another I will be alerted. It wouldn't surprise me if their is another, with possibly just the Pinstripe Bowl or maybe just the ND-Army game alone. But it still bothers that the Yanks would try and trick ticket holders into buying over priced seats in one case and buying tickets to a game that not many care about in another.

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